About Earn To DIe Games

Earn to die games are racing with time and constantly advancing, upgrading and improving your vehicle. At the beginning of every Earn To Die game you need to buy a vehicle of your choice and move into action in which your mission is to stamp down and over as many zombies as you can and destroy as many objects and thus win as many points and money. If you like driving fast, destruction, killing zombies, buying bigger and stronger cars then you're in the right place because this is the right choice of games for you that is available to you 24/7 to play for free without installation or registration, just start your desired Earn to Die game and action can begin. Play with your buddies, compete with each other who can survive longer and kill as many zombies on your way. Excitement, challenges and fantastic music in the background is what awaits you in this Earn to Die games.

How To Play Earn To Die Games

At the beginning of these Earn To Die games first thing that you want to do is to buy a vehicle in the amount of your budget, then you can start with the task and that is to kill as many zombies by using your vehicle, the more zombies you kill a larger number of money you receive. After some time your vehicle will stop in the middle of the road that indicate that you have no more fuel left, after that you will go to your garage where you can upgrade your car with money from the killed zombies. You can upgrade and buy various parts for your vehicle, tires, wheels, engines, nitro and more, the recommendation is to first upgrade your fuel to your car in order to stay as long as possible on the road, then you can upgrade whatever you want. When you collect enough money you can buy new larger and stronger car and do the same tactics as at the beginning. These Earn To Die game provides excitement, pleasure and a lot of challenges which will fill your day with fun. After you complete Story mode you can play challenges in which your task is to perform a specific task, set your own record and make the highest score. Avoid various obstacles that will be on your way, kill zombies, upgrade your vehicle every time you go to the garage so they would become bigger, faster and stronger. You can install a machine gun and other various weapons to your vehicle and thus make yourself easier to kill zombies that will be on your way.


Lovers of adrenaline, Earn To Die games will raise the level of adrenaline in your body to the maximum while you play this challenging, exciting and entertaining Earn To Die Games. Try each of them and advance in this game, buy a variety of vehicles, upgrade them and kill the zombies in thousands of ways. Also you can play other games. Good luck!