11 Tips to Buy Cheap and Qualified Asus Laptop

11 Tips to Buy Cheap Laptop Asus – Having a laptop that is right for our needs is certainly not as easy as when buying a PC. Laptops have their own specifications on a whole device. Meanwhile, our PC can still choose the components qualified, even in accordance with our financial condition.

Here we will discuss about 11 Tips to Buy Laptop Asus Murah and quality. Asus became one of the best choices in the category of choosing a laptop. Hla is due to Asus itself is the best selling motherboard manufactures in the world. Asus also ranked second in the sale of laptops or notebooks. Here are tips for choosing it:

1. Use a Tough Processor
In choosing a good Asus laptop, first adjust to your needs. If you want to have a tough Asus laptop to do multimedia, then select a laptop that embeds an Intel Core processor, a minimum of Intel Core i5 fourth generation or can also Haswell.

2. Steady Graphic Performance
You need to know exactly more dominant where to use a portable computer device. So we recommend, at least you choose ASUS laptop that has embed VGA GeForce 920M.

3. Large Capacity RAM
You should also know, a good laptop that requires how much RAM capacity is needed, at least counting minimum. Laptops that will not slow, require at least 4 GB of DDR3 RAM.

4. Monitor Not Too Big and Small
In order not too small and also not too big, at least select the recommended screen size that is 14 inches.

5. Asus Give Full Warranty
You should pay attention to how long the warranty period is given. In this case Asus always provide full warranty for 2 years either spare part or service.

6. Check before leaving the store
This includes important things to do because to avoid the things that are less later on.

7. Convenience Keyboard
You should feel your own laptop keyboard that you choose feels comfortable in the hand. Because almost all laptop activities will rely on the keyboard, let alone for you who hobby writing articles.

8. Conventional vs Hybrid
It comes back to your needs. If you do need a portable laptop and only used for light work, maybe you can choose to use 2-in-1 laptop.

9. Support Additional Security Features
For you who prioritize security, of course you should look for a laptop that has a stronger security features such as Fingerprint sensor or Windows Hello.

10. Battery Life
To get the ASUS laptop with the best battery life, you can read the review of your coveted laptop.

11. Display Quality
What you need to consider about the quality of the screen, among others, is the type of screen used, the screen resolution, and the viewing angle of the screen.

That’s a review on how to get jual laptop asus murah but quality. Hopefully this information is useful for you.